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About Magdalena Reith - Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design

Whether you are a startup, founder or entrepreneur, Magdalena and her team can help you create high-quality pitch decks and business presentations. With meaningful storytelling and lively design, Magdalena Reith – Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design helps you impress potential investors, business partners, and customers.


This is done together and in close coordination with you – because our mission is to design your presentation materials professionally, individually, and in line with your brand.

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Magdalena Reith – Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design

Magdalena Reith is the founder of Magdalena Reith - Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design. From the booming startup scene in Silicon Valley to working in corporate venture development, and her long-standing role as a mentor, speaker, and pitch coach – Magdalena has gained broad and deep experience in the German startup ecosystem. A particular highlight was her recent nomination for the Founder Institute's Global Startup Mentor Award.

Magdalena and her team work with numerous startup hubs, universities, accelerators, and incubators from Germany and around the world, covering all industries and verticals on a global and regional level. This includes everything from large global players like German Entrepreneurship GmbH, UnternehmerTUM, and Founder Institute, to focused programs like Agriculture Tech like Spinlab's Rootcamp and EIT Food Accelerator, to Pharma and BioTech partners like BioM and the Bavarian Research Alliance. Further collaborations exist with corporate accelerators like Pro7's SevenVentures, and incubators like the Garching Technology and Incubation Center – plus many more!

Would you like to know if Magdalena and her team can also support you? Don't hesitate and contact us for a non-binding conversation!

From Munich to Silicon Valley and back

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Magdalena had the great opportunity to work at Cisco's Strategic Innovation Group in California. There she discovered her passion for the dynamic world of innovation. After her return, and in parallel to her master's studies in Business & IT at the Technical University of Munich, she immersed herself in the startup scene at Unicorn Pitch where she worked as a startup consultant for about three years. She also lives out her enthusiasm for this dynamic and innovative business sector as a speaker, pitch coach and mentor. 


In 2020, Magdalena’s next milestone occurred when she took the brave step into self-employment. With Magdalena Reith - Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design, she has been using her expert knowledge to support startups and business drivers in her own company ever since.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we proudly present

"The Team".

Magdalena's one-woman show quickly became an international team. Dedicated and experienced professionals from all over the world have joined her with the desire to make a difference and help startups find investors, customers and partners. From project managers to copywriters to designers, Magdalena Reith - Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design offers everything that goes into creating professional pitch decks and business presentations. In addition, due to their internationality, Magdalena and her team are in the excellent position of being able to offer clients all services in both English and German.


Even though the one-woman show has now grown into a team with more than ten employees, the mission of Magdalena Reith - Presentations, Pitch Decks & Design has remained the same: To create presentation materials that are professional, customized, and on-brand!


Want to learn more about us and how we can help you? Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


The vision that drives Magdalena and her team.

The professional design of pitch decks and business presentations is the focus. But in recent years, Magdalena has joined forces with other professionals to form an international network with the vision of becoming the qualified contact for startups from all over the world.


With an extensive network of professionals, she is in the ideal position to connect startups with people who can actively and practically support founders and new entrepreneurs in all phases – far beyond pitch decks. 


This global ecosystem of experts includes prototyping, and financial modeling for corporate finance advisors and corporate programs, as well as numerous accelerators and incubators. Our goal? To support committed startups in all facets of company formation and growth.


We are very happy to cooperate with journalists, editors and others working in the Statup cosmos. 

If you have any questions, cooperation requests or other reasons to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us! 

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