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Professional. Customized. Brand Compliant.


Are you facing an important business presentation? An investor conference? A customer meeting?

Presentations are an integral part of everyday business in most companies. Your presentation is your business card and crucial for your first impression - it often determines the success or failure of an appointment or project.

However, preparing a set of slides that is convincing in terms of content and visually appealing is a lengthy and tedious task.


But why waste your precious time and achieve a mediocre result when you can entrust your presentation to our experts and PowerPoint designer? Cost-efficient, high-quality and in close coordination with you: We take the work off your hands ensure that your presentations shine in terms of content and design - with minimal effort on your behalf.

An outstanding document consists of two components: The content and the design. We combine strong content with professional visuals that skilfully support your message.

Whether it's for an internal company presentation, a board presentation, or a professional pitch deck, you'll always get a tailor-made product from us that will help you successfully convey your message to your audience.

Our mission is to create exceptional presentation materials.


Our Service


From 49.00 /Slide

You want to persuade potential investors or impress in a client meeting? We understand the importance of getting your idea across to your audience right away in these situations.



From 49.00 €/Slide

With our neatly structured and visually appealing slides, we can ensure your company will always be presented as professional and competent.



From 49.00 /Slide

In marketing, in particular, the initial impression in the external appearance is of outstanding importance. With our presentations, you can convey your content clearly in an attractive, compelling format.


From 69.00 /Slide

Charts, diagrams, trends? The message of your data heavily depends on the way you choose to visualize your data. We will gladly find the appropriate formats and scaling to present your figures in a clear and informative manner.


From 99.00

"Variety may be the spice of life, but brevity is its bread and butter."- supplement your presentation with a  concise one-pager that presents the most crucial aspects in a concise and clear manner. We get straight to the point!


From 69.00 /Slide

An optimal basis is indispensable for the efficient implementation of multiple presentations. We create master templates for you in your CI, with which you can easily and quickly create new slides and enhance existing presentations.


From 99.00

An informative graphic is worth more than 100 slides. We will show you how to impress with cutting-edge infographics and communicate even complex content in appealing, reader-friendly fashion.


From 499.00

An attractive, meaningful logo and CI adds the final touches to your company and brand identity. Show the outside world who and what you are and stand for. We support you and craft the ideal appearance for you.


From 199.00

CMYK or RGB colors? Jpg, png, eps and pdf? Templates for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign? We know how much can go wrong the mit comes to print projects. Let us help you geht everything right!

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 We Have Worked With A Large Number Of Founders, Businesses And Accelerators In Various Industries

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“Magdalena and her team have created all our investor and company presentations for years, and she never fails to impress. Working with her pushed our M&A documents to a new level and led to an immediate positive effect in our investor marketing.


They have a great eye for detail and a talent to shape a unique story around each company and product. On top, their vast industry experience is of great advantage when working on complex business and tech deals.


We are happy to have her as our partner and highly recommend her.”

Jasmin Nezirevic, Managing Director – Prometheus Venture Advisors

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Whether you just look for feedback, tweak and spruce up your current presentation, or are still in the very early stages of conceptualization, we can help you at all stages of the creation process.

Design Preparation

Request custom quote


Your storyline and content has been determined, but don't yet follow an outline and clear hierarchy?

Our content revision includes:

  • Conception of slide structures,

  • The reorganization and hierarchical development of content (icons instead of bullet points, representation of processes, etc.)

  • Pure conceptual work with 1:1 adoption of the text - no textual revision or rewording

Content Revision

You already have a rough idea of your content, but it does not yet follow a well planned structure and is not yet formulated using marketing language?

Our content revision includes:

  • The development of a convincing storyline and dramaturgy

  • The optimization and logical arrangement of content

  • The elaboration of core messages

  • Shortening, expanding and reformulating texts and implementing consistent semantics

  • The development of visual concepts and customized graphic ideas

  • A grammar and spelling check in German and English by native speakers

Content from Scratch

Are you just starting out and need a completely new presentation?

Our content creation from scratch includes:

  • Standard Package +

  • The creation of a presentation or document "from scratch" based on raw text or various input formats (brochures, older presentations, websites, business plans, etc.)

  • The identification of relevant content and its optimal position in the context


The optimal package for every project and budget - pick one! All packages include: a personal consultant, a detailed briefing call, and close coordination.


Talk to us!

Want to get your content into a simple but clean and consistent design?

Our Economy design service includes:

  • The polishing and refreshing of existing slides

  • Transferring content into a consistent, branded design

  • Prifing for clean and consistent alignments, spacing and margins


1 design proposal in advance
2 feedback revisions



per slide

Do you want to visually optimize your presentation and enhance it with the right visual language and design elements

Our Standard design service includes:

  • The development of a suitable layout structure

  • The creation of an individual design for each slide

  • The creative visualization of content

  • The graphical support of key messages

  • The addition of appropriate images and icons

2 Design proposals in advance 
3 Feedback revisions



per slide

You want to get the maximum out of your presentation and inspire your audience?

Our Premium design service includes:

  • Standard + high quality premium design by experienced senior designers

  • Maximum creativity in design implementation, Incl. integration of hand-made visuals in Photoshop, Indesign, etc.

  • The development of individual, tailor-made icons and branded key viduals

  • An intensive research of high-quality images with several options to choose from

2 design suggestions in advance 
Unlimited feedback revisions

Not sure which design package is right for your project? Get in touch with us now and benefit from a free professional assessment and a non-binding quote!

How it Works

How it Works

Working on Laptop

How we will work together

Why us?

Why Us?



We respect privacy and intellectual property. We keep all information we receive from you 100% confidential.


Account Manager​

With us, you will collaborate with a personal contact person throughout the entire course of the project. This enables us to accelerate our workflow and ensure smooth communication.


and competent

RGB or CMYK color formats? Eps, png, or jpeg? We understand the differences and between web and print formats and the respective requirements for a particular document.



We know how important a consistent corporate identity is for brand communication. That's why we accurately adhere to branding guidelines and predefined style guides.



Presentations are dynamic documents. Do you want to change your slides afterwards at short notice, adjust or add to them? No problem - we deliver your documents in the fully editable version.

No standard


As a matter of principle, we do not work with standardized templates. Instead, each presentation is tailor-made and adapted exactly to your wishes and individual ideas.



No hidden charges: We calculate our fee individually per project - depending on the work done and the number of slides ordered. Let us make you a non-binding offer in advance.

Multilingual: German/English

Upon request, you will receive your presentation in German and/or English. Professional translations and proofreads by native speakers ensure consistently high quality in both languages.

The Team



Contact Us

We are looking forward to your inquiry! We are always happy to jump on a call and make you a non-binding offer!

Thanks for submitting!


Magdalena Reith

WhatsApp/Phone: +49 16097026216

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