Are you facing an important business presentation? An investor meeting? A meeting with a customer?

The preparation of a presentation document and the corresponding content for every occasion can be challenging and time consuming.


The past years, I have contributed to numerous presentation projects - reaching from start-up pitches to corporate board meetings. Over time I have hence accumulated a wide range of tips and tricks to optimize business presentations for all kinds of occasions and audiences. 


No matter whether you are starting from scratch, want to optimize the current presentation or are just looking for feedback:

My job is to create outstanding presentations and prepare you for a smooth delivery!



Your pitchdeck is the business card of your venture. Invest time in it! Being able to sell your business in a crisp yet comprehensible way is the key to success - especially in the early times. However, reducing the idea to the main points without leaving out important details can be tricky. After supporting over 500 founders during their pitch preparation I'm here to help you present your business opportunity in the best possible way -  be it to investors, clients or partners.


Are you wondering if your sales material is appealing and convincing? Putting together a persuavive sales deck  to demonstrate your product and service portfolio can be challenging. My mission is to support you with the content creation and structuring of your company presentations to acquire new customers and persuade potential clients!

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Are you an employee of a larger company looking for support with creating an internal presentation? While powerpoints are used daily in the corporate life their conception can be time-consuming. Reducing a project to the main points without leaving out important information can take away several hours of your valuable time. Outsourcing these efforts opens up your schedule and ensures a smooth delivery!


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